Lady of the Chimney Corner

Main Characters
  1. Anna Irvine
    Educated Catholic who married for love knowing poverty would result
  2. Jamie Irvine
    Illiterate, Protestant shoemaker who was devoted to his wife
  3. Alexander Irvine
    Son of Anna and Jamie; he loved his mother while worrying about her soul
  4. Willie Withero
    Stonebreaker friend: "I niver pray...A good day’s stone breakin’s my prayer!
Minor Characters
FARMER: in Antrim County
FELIX:  Turf bog salesman (turf was used to keep fires burning) and friend of the Irvines
MAGGIE:  Daughter of Anna and Jamie
BILLY O’HARE:  Chimney sweep; one of the dirtiest craitchers in the county
HUGHIE THORNTON: Beggar-man and champ’yun liar of the county
MASTER:  Wealthy plantation owner who hires Alex as a scarecrow
MRS. MUHOLLAND: Neighbor and soup maker
LANKY LAWRENCE:  Alex’s best friend in the British army
BILLY CREEDEN:  Rough-hewn, vulgar soldier in the British army
SOLDIER:  Soldier in the British army
ELIZA:  Mother of an Antrim fisherman who died too young
TIM:  Homeless man in the Bowery of New York City
CLERK:  Store manager in the Bowery of New York City
DUMMY:  Poor harlot in Antrim County
REVEREND:  Pastor of large church in New York City